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The Gonzalez & Associates product is manufactured using the methods established by Mexican craftsman. These century-old traditions create the rustic design and warm appearance that is sought after by our customers. Our product is constructed mostly from solid pine that is selected for particular features which lend themselves to the rustic appeal. Knots, blemishes and small splits are all characteristics of natural wood that establish the authentic art of our rustic product. A dark walnut stain is combined with a satin furniture wax before the mixture is sprayed and then hand rubbed on our wood furniture. The soft wood feel and warm color offered by Gonzalez & Associates is a distinguishing finish. The hardware used by Gonzalez & Associates has been crafted from stamped metal and oxidized before installation. Our product is assembled using rusty nails instead of wood screws, just one more example of how Gonzalez & Associates has taken added steps to ensure our furniture bears the integrity and art created long ago by authentic rustic furniture designers.

Our Warranty

Our rustic design and manufacturing process honor the artisans of Spain and Mexico. Our product is not sealed and is considered unfinished. It is for this reason that our products are sold with a limited warranty. Unfinished solid wood furniture is susceptible to climate changes. Cracking and splitting of wood may occur. Damages of this type are not covered by our warranty. Our customers are aware that this is a characteristic of rustic furniture. Gonzalez& Associates has a generous policy regarding manufacturing defects and damages that occur in transportation (see freight policy). Please report damages that occur in transportation or due to a manufacturing defect upon receipt of the items. Gonzalez & Associates will discount for repair or offer a replacement for such damages so long as a written “Corrective Action Report” is presented within 30 days of the receipt of product. We value our customer relationship and will resolve damage claims in a manner that protects this partnership.

Cash and Credit Card Payment Terms

Gonzalez and Associates works hard to make purchasing our product easy. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discovery Credit Cards. We accept company checks and personal checks guarantee form is signed by an authorized representative of the retail store customer. We also accept cash, bank checks and cashiers checks as payment. Gonzalez and Associates does not accept COD orders. All payment must be processed at the time destination shipping.
Net 30 Day Payment Terms
Gonzalez and Associates has established a factoring contract with CIT Commercial Finance for all receivable financing and credit approval. Under this contract we can not extend credit terms independent of the CIT Commercial Finance credit policy. An application for credit will be sent upon request.
Prepayment Discount Terms
Gonzalez and Associates understands the time value of money. For this reason we offer a 3% product discount for all prepayment of orders. This discount is to be calculated from net product prices. This discount does not apply to freight charges.

Freight Policy

Gonzalez & Associates manufacturers and imports all of our rustic furniture and accessory products from Puebla, Mexico to our distribution centers located in California, Arkansas, Texas and North Carolina. Our upholstery products are manufactured and shipped from Mississippi. This inbound transportation is significant percentage of the total cost of goods sold. Gonzalez & Associates has a very competitive price list and freight policy. Our lower prices and subsidized freight charges give our customers the security that they are receiving their rustic furniture at the lowest landed cost available in the market.

Less than Truck Load Freight Policy

All LTL orders will be received at a distribution center prior to dispatching the products to our customer. All inbound freight costs are prepaid by Gonzalez & Associates. Our products are sold as FOB (freight on board) U.S Distribution Center unless other discount pricing has been negotiated. Outbound freight charges are billed on our invoice at the carrier rate plus an additional 4% handling and insurance fee. Customers may receive products on their own carrier account and avoid the additional 4% handling and insurance fee. Products damaged in transit will not be covered by company warranty unless insured. Shipping arrangements must be made within 10 days of receipt of the product at our U.S Distribution Warehouse. All freight claims for damages must be made within the time allowed according to the carrier policy. Gonzalez & Associates will honor the resolution of such claims as provided by the transportation company.

Full truck load Freight Policy

All FTL orders are shipped from our manufacturing plant directly to the customer location. Our FTL discounts are substantial and warrant that all freight charges, importation fees and other charges are invoiced to the customer. These freight and other charges are quoted prior to shipping. Gonzalez & Associates offers a balance between lower prices and a negotiated freight contract that gives our large customers access to substantial volume discounts. Gonzalez & Associates considers all costs when negotiating for distributor customers and large retail businesses. Our goal is to ensure the lowest landed cost for rustic product in the market.

Minimum Order Policy

For many years, Gonzalez & Associates has offered our customers the opportunity to purchase rustic furniture without concern for a minimum order. As fuel prices have risen, so have freight rates. These increased costs have forced our company to change our minimum order policy and freight policy. Beginning May 1, 2005, Gonzalez & Associates will require a minimum order value of $600. Customers can expedite an order less that this minimum value with a 15% extra handling charge. All related freight charges for expedited shipments will be billed collect on a customer specified carrier invoice.
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